Online Video Ads

This is the new form of advertising. Targeted campaigns to individual people with specific demands. You have to be smart in targeting the right customers with the right video ad so they click through to a landing page where you present them with the right offer so they buy your product, it's that simple :)



One of our very special clients, during 2017 through 2018 we created a 30 minute Elvis TV special showcasing the Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion, the new entertainment complex and the magnificent Guest House at Graceland Resort Hotel.  


Television commercials

The old way of doing advertising when everyone was watching TV and advertisers would cast big nets in order to get more customers.  We come from the infomercial world and these are a few of our recent shows.


About us

We spend time with our clients to  understand who your customers are and target them directly with advanced analytics and cutting edge creative, whether it is for social media or television. Our focus is on tracking your marketing spend and return on investment.


Creative Experts

We have a great deal of expertise in developing the highest quality commercials and test extensively to hone the ideal message to get results.  We have a deep background in both national television and social media.  Our creativity is driven by the goal to get results with your marketing spend.


Competitive Pricing

We will meet or exceed the quality of other  production houses and be the low cost provider.  We get results fast.  Our sole mission is great creative that returns measurable results and return on marketing spend.  We are very transparent in our pricing.